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Hi, I'm Michael Delgado



I have been a Winnebago County resident for over 40 years. For 18 years I worked for Elco Industries following my departure from Elco I have worked as an Winnebago County Corrections Officer for the last 17 years. I enjoy working with the public and strive to make Winnebago County a better place to live. I have a strong family that supports me 100%. I would love nothing more than to serve this community as Winnebago County Clerk!


Bring Modernized Change to Winnebago County

If I, Michael Delgado, are to be elected Winnebago County Clerk during this 2022 term I will serve the citizens of Winnebago County with the integrity and transparency they deserve. I will strive to modernize all election equipment within Winnebago County. I will make sure there is election integrity for Winnebago County residents. I will work very closely with the employees in all areas covered under the Winnebago County Clerks position. I will make sure the merge between Winnebago County Clerk and the Recorders office is completed before the end of my term. 

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